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Environment´s information

From the environment it is worth to highlight the Isabel?s Route. In Madrigal de las Altas Torres the queen Isabel La Católica was born, so it is a main spot in the Isabel?s Route: the festivity ?Madrigal Medieval? that it is celebrated each first weekend of August. Besides Madrigal is Historical-Artistic Set and we will tell you the monuments which are linked with Isabel: the old Palace of Juan II, nowadays is monastery, and the Gothic-Moorish church of San Nicolás de Bari.
Arévalo, that it is also Historic-Artistic Set belongs to the Isabel?s Route. Arévalo organizes its ?Medieval Market? at the end of July with recreation of dances of the court of Isabel. In this Isabel?s Route, its castle highlights, where she was educated; castle of the XI century that you can visit during the weekends.
Likewise, in Medina del Campo, the Isabel?s Route is also included, it remains its splendour time during the ?Renaissance Week? in the middle of August, with parades and historic recreations where characters such as the Catholic Kings are alive and they walk through the streets of Villa de las Ferias again. Monuments of this Route are the Castle of la Mota, the collegiate church of San Antolín and the Royal butcher?s shop.
Possibility of many excursions of historic-cultural interest in villages that are 15-25 minutes far away from the Casa Rural. Arévalo, Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Medina del Campo, Fontiveros, etc.
Visits to farms, donkey walks for children.

Fuente El Sauz

It is located in the region of La Moraña and Arévalo, on the North of the province of Ávila, in the middle between Arévalo and Fontiveros. It is a typical farming and cattle village with around 100 inhabitants, where the visitors are surprised by the warm welcoming of the people from the village, its quietly (it is just interrupted by the sound of the bells of the church) and the conservation of the traditions nowadays nearly forgotten. You can still see its clerk giving the opening speech in the streets as usual. The parish of the Assumption is a Cultural Interest, with Mudejar head, big altarpiece from the XVIII century, good shape grills between the chancel and the naves, and a lookout tower. Its court roll is kept and some remains of a strong house of the entailed estate Suárez de Lugo.


* Madrigal de las Altas Torres.
* Arévalo.
* Narros del Castillo.
* Fontiveros.
* Peñaranda de Bracamonte.
* Ávila.


Hiking, bike routes, gastronomic routes, Mudejar Routes, Tennis, Fauna and Flora watching, etc…


Arévalo - Conjunto Histórico Artístico
Arévalo, también conocido como la ciudad de los cinco linajes. Se encuentra al norte de la provincia de Ávila, en la comarca de la Moraña. El casco antiguo de la localidad está declarado Conjunto Hist...
Peñaranda de Bracamonte
El casco antiguo de Peñaranda fue declarado, en 1973, Conjunto histórico-artístico, en torno a sus tres plazas sucesivas: la de Martínez Soler, la de la Constitución y la de España, separadas estas do...
M.V.R. Almenara de Adaja - Puras
El museo permitirá al visitante conocer la vida y el sentimiento de los romanos frente al campo y la naturaleza, a través de sus construcciones rurales más características: Las ...
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